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body repairers.
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Stone chips

Bumper scuffs. Scuffs are removed/ gauges filled if necessary & then the paint colour is blended in to match the original  colour.
Scuffs depending on the severity. 
If you would like to send us a photo of the scuff, we can then view it and give you an accurate quote.

Body repairs

As all body damage is different, we can only give a generic cost of repair on certain body parts.
Front wing~Paint only.From £100
Door. Paint only.From £180
Front bumper~Paint only.From £220
Bonnet~Paint only From £200
Rear Quarter From £200
Roof From £300
Tailgate / Boot from £200

Stone chips

If you have stone.chips,please do send us a picture so that we can give you an accurate quote,


Scratch repairs

We will repair any scratch on any part of your vehicle 

Please send a photo of the scratch / scratches so that we can give you a quote.

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Machine polishing

We machine mop & thoroughly renovate your vehicles paintwork from £

This will include all paintwork being professionally machine polished to remove paint swirls & scratches.

Alloy wheel refurbishment

Alloy wheel refurbs start from £35 for a 15" wheel.

16" £40
17" £40
18" £45
19" £50
20" £60
We also do special custom colours of your own choosing
Vintage Cars

Vehicle restoration

For a vehicle restoration quote. Please do contact us so that we can work out a cost for you.


We undertake your welding requirements at a cost of £60 per hour

Resprays are very labour intensive. Therefore, to keep the cost down, maybe consider doing the preparation yourself?
Removal of all parts not to be painted will save you money! 
We respray any single part/panel for you as well as part & full vehicle respraying.

Paint Respraying.


Computerised Diagnostic Service.

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