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body repairers.
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Stone chips

Bumper scuffs. Scuffs are removed/ gauges filled if necessary & then the paint colour is blended in to match the original  colour.
Scuffs depending on the severity. 
If you would like to send us a photo of the scuff, we can then view it and give you an accurate quote.

Body repairs

As all body damage is different, we can only give a generic cost of repair on certain body parts.
Front wing~Paint only.From £100
Door. Pain only.From £180
Front bumper~Paint only.From £220
Bonnet~Paint only From £200
Rear Quarter From £200
Roof From £300
Tailgate / Boot from £200

Stone chips

If you have stone.chips,please do send us a picture so that we can give you an accurate quote,


Scratch repairs

We will repair any scratch on any part of your vehicle 

Please send a photo of the scratch / scratches so that we can give you a quote.

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Machine polishing

We machine mop & thoroughly renovate your vehicles paintwork from £

This will include all paintwork being professionally machine polished to remove paint swirls & scratches.

Alloy wheel refurbishment

Alloy wheel refurbs start from £35 for a 15" wheel.

16" £40
17" £40
18" £45
19" £50
20" £60
We also do special custom colours of your own choosing
Vintage Cars

Vehicle restoration

For a vehicle restoration quote. Please do contact us so that we can work out a cost for you.


We undertake your welding requirements at a cost of £60 per hour

We respray any single part/panel for you as well as part & full vehicle respraying.

Paint Respraying.


Computerised Diagnostic Service.

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