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Redditch Body Repairs.
WELCOME to our website.  situated in Callow hill in Redditch Worcestershire. A very friendly and accommodating body repair shop, we hold our customers in the highest regard at all times. We offer a comprehensive range of vehicle body repairs from accident damage to cosmetic work on private, business & commercial vehicles. Our motto is “Customer Satisfaction” All businesses rely on customer recommendation and we are no exception. Whether your vehicle has suffered accident damage or simply requires attention through an unsightly scratch, dent or stone chips, we are here to rectify your problems at a very affordable cost. All of our work is carried out by a skilled auto body repair technician to a standard our customers have come to expect.   We also offer a local collect and return service for customers who do not have time to visit our premises. This service is entirely free within a 10 mile radius of Redditch.
                                                               For a free quote Please Telephone 
                                                               07591506454 or 01527402876.

 We are a no nonsense body repair shop company who treat our customers with respect and not as fools. We understand the stress that having to have your vehicle repaired is not to be taken lightly. Therefore we fully explain to you what any repair may entail simply and precise without jargon or confusion. 

If you think that hiring a professional is expensive?

No one likes it when their car gets damaged. You park at the supermarket only to find that you either have a trolley ding or someone has marked your pride and joy in some other way. How annoying and frustrating is it.Well whatever it is you may need repairing, Redditch body repairs are at hand to help you get it sorted.A local friendly auto body repair company, we offer a free vehicle collect & return service in the Redditch area. We will also come and take a look at any damage you may have FREE of charge with no obligation to use our services. So if you would like a quote, please do contact us on 07591506454 or use the contact button at the top of our page.

              Why choose us?? Wait until you hire an amateur. !!

There are many things to think about when it comes to the exterior aesthetic of your car, since there can be so many different aspects to consider when it comes to car body repair. Price is going to be one of the biggest obstacles for many with a car respray but one has to consider how much time, work and effort goes into a full car respray. Unfortunately there are no hard and fast rules as to a full respray, even a part respray as there are many factors to take into account such as condition, previous paint type / quality of previous paintwork etc; Removal of parts, preparation / masking. As a paint body shop, we do try to keep costs at a minimum for the customer as this in our own interest for recommendations and customer satisfaction and customer return.

Here are a few primary reasons on why someone would consider a full car respray:

- Your car's paint has started to de-laminate and peel off. This is not only visually unappealing but it exposes the steel or aluminium underneath making it vulnerable to rust and corrosion. If a large area of metal is exposed then the elements are able to deteriorate the structural integrity of the metal making the vehicle unsafe.

- The paint has been faded by the sun or scratched by other elements. This is going to make the car look worn and aged and will affect the resale value of the car. The main goal of a respray for this use is to restore the “factory look” of the vehicle giving it a new lease of life, as even the oldest of cars can look showroom ready with a fresh coat of paint.

- You may just want to change the colour of your vehicle in order to change the entire look of the car. This is much more of a custom approach so the world is your oyster when it comes to what colour you would like your car to be.

The cost of the respray is going to depend a lot on what your main intentions are with the car. A simpler approach is going to be less intensive with work and time so it is going to be less costly than painting a car to showroom quality, which takes more time, resources and effort.

A good way of saving on labour costs is to do some, or maybe all prep work by removing parts that would have to be removed anyway? Just a bumper respray? Then why not save money by removing and just bringing the bumper to the paint shop instead of the whole car? This saves the paint technician time and also saves you money.

                                      With car repainting, you need to consider that buying cheap usually means buying twice. Like with anything that can’t really be scrimped on since the paint, preparation and application takes time and money. Cheap usually means quick and fast, which cannot be done with car painting so proceed with caution when you are handed a cheap quote for your car respray or repair. Thanks for reading!

Redditch Body Repairs.